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Strategy and Architecture

Through our extensive experience across multiple industries, SIJA Solutions is able to develop your Strategy, and deliver an Enterprise and / or a Solution Architecture that is aligned with your business strategy.

We are able to assist our clients with

  • Enterprise Architectures that is aligned with Business Architectures
  • Detailed Enterprise and Solution Architectures with logical roadmaps and implementation plans
  • Delivery of pragmatic, affordable and achievable Enterprise and Solution Architectures
  • Lower maintenance implications and minimal ongoing support considered Solution Architectures

Application Development

SIJA Solutions aims to address critical customer issues and problems with business outcomes that benefit the entire enterprise. We focused on creating customer oriented software applications that will streamlines business practices and reduces overheads. We help businesses to embrace the latest technology and practices so that work process becomes highly market oriented.

We are able to assist our clients with

  • Custom application development
  • Application re-engineering
  • E-commerce application development
  • Enterprise level software application development
  • Application extension and up-gradation to make it more scalable for future business needs
  • Custom web based application development using technologies
  • Client - Server Application Development

Technology Expertise

Microsoft Platform: .NET Technologies, SQL Server, and Silverlight

System Integration & Data Management

Time to market is a critical imperative in today’s environment. SIJA Solutions is able to help you to produce enterprise-ready applications faster.

We are able to assist our clients with

  • System Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Data Management
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